From the Founder’s diary ….!

And this is how it all started …From being a banker & doing an eight-hour job which drained me every minute to being an entrepreneur & doing an eighteen hour job which rejuvenates me every minute…Via Delhi is my Life and I enjoy living it every second!

Everything started as nothing! Indeed it is always the start that requires the greatest effort and this brand has been crafted with endless effort, love and passion.

It is always helpful to have a basic understanding of business ethics and principles when starting your business. But I had absolutely no idea of the industry I was getting into..all what I knew was 1) my product was exceptional 2) there was no turning back 3) happen what may I have to succeed

And no journey happens without a few bumps on the much as my wife and I believed in this dream ..there were lots of people who were trying to pull us down some or the other way but thankfully we held on to our belief and just kept going.

I still remember when Via Delhi Abu Dhabi was under construction , every morning I use to walk up to my contractor and share all the ideas, I dreamt off last night and he would just smirk and say “you don’t dream of any thing else you ? With how little the place may seem to people now, it was the biggest space I could think off or rather afford to take back then.

Being in business for five years now, with three successful branches..I feel I am moving at turtle’s pace ,coz I prefer to go slow and steady. There is a long way to go so better not to exhaust all the energy at one destination.

Welcome To The Via Delhi Restaurant!

Offering you Indian, Mughlai & Indo-Chinese cuisine

Via Delhi is a casual dining restaurant offering a spread of delicacies in the UAE. The brand originated in Abu Dhabi and has been successfully satisfying the palate of diversified individuals from all across the world, by offering a range of Indian, Mughlai and Indo Chinese cuisines in modern setting that takes you to the mouth watering tour of Delhi’s street food. After satisfying the cravings of our guests in Abu Dhabi, we extended our reach to Dubai. We are known for our legacy of exclusivity, signature presentations and paradise in every morsel.

At Via Delhi, our pledge is exceed the expectations of our guests by providing highly personalized service, signature dishes and the freshest seafood prepared to perfection. We ensure the most exceptional dining experience, leaving our guests with a desire to return for more !

Our total independence in decision making, strong principles of cost optimization, investing in our people and enjoying our work makes us “ THE BEST TEAM” that is ready to respond to any possible request immediately with a smile.

Via Delhi’s progress path has all along been strewn by the simple philosophy of treating everyone of its stakeholders with highest regards and respect, good ethical business practices, absolute honesty, integrity and transparency in all its dealings.

Via Delhi is One Stop food solution station. Whatever is your query, our experienced and professional staff will delightly attend and organize it for you. Our dedication to excellence, attention to detail, reliable staff , exceptional food ingredient selection and working with every kind of budget makes each order special in its own way.Our pride is to exceed our guests exepctions at all times.

Once you taste our food,you would never go elsewhere, its simply irresistible!

Our Vision

To deliver the best services and food quality to all our guests wherever they are and delight them by providing an exceptional culinary experience.

Our Mission

To persistently listen to our clients requirements and deliver the most adequate services to suit their budget and reflect their image through dedicated teamwork and delegation.